Tash Parker’s Top Five

Most of the time I call this section of the blog the ‘Mid-week Mixtape’ but alas, it’s Friday, so I’m a little late off the blocks…

Tash Parker writes tender, sweet folk ballads inspired by singers like Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega and Feist. With this in mind, it would make more sense to say I first met her at the Woodford Folk Festival or Peats Ridge, but no, we met at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. We were watching a rollicking good country covers band playing classic tunes on the back of a truck. I liked her instantly.

Raised in WA but now living and making music in Victoria, Tash will venture to Sydney this weekend to launch her sophisticated debut alongside Ed Deer, Cogels and Jess Chalker at the Vanguard. It promises to be a great show and y’all should come down for some fine Sunday evening serenading. In the meantime though, check out her fine taste in tunes as she presents this week’s mix.

Kings of Convenience – 24-25
The album Declaration of Dependence is my standout record for the last two years. This song is the opening track and it reminds me of my Christmas holidays in Broome when I was a child because it has this somewhat sleepy tropical feel. It’s an absolutely divine recording and the songwriting and performances are so inspiring.

Suzanne Vega – Song Of Sand
Suzanne Vega has been a huge inspiration for me for the last two years. I discovered 99.9 F in a friend’s collection when I was house sitting and I now listen to it once a week. Her songs are intricate tales poetically poignant and timeless. The more I listen to her the more I feel inspired to write simple melancholy melodies but she also has some really quirky production on this record, even though it’s not on this track, that encouraged me to think outside the square when I was recording mine.

The Cars – Drive

There are so many great eighties pop classics in our record collection but this band in particular reminds me of raiding my Dad’s collection as a child. I recently re-discovered Heartbeat City when a friend was shocked that I had The Cars on my iPod and bought me the cd. This track is just a great pop song. Everything is epic and emotional and covered in massive reverb. I can’t get enough of it.

The Flaming Lips – One More Robot Sympathy 3000-21

I only discovered the Flaming Lips on this album, I know a late starter. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is now a staple in my house when I’m at home doing admin for my music, oh and when I’m spring cleaning. This song has all the right elements – a really hooky synth bass line, space ship noises, double time high hats in the chorus… and it’s about a robot with feelings. What more could you ask for?

Dolly Parton – Here You Come Again
The most incredible female vocalist of all time. A total inspiration. I used to put this song on when I was a teenager and sing my little heart out. Of course everyone knows Jolene but this song really summed up my life as a young woman who fell in love too easily with the wrong kinds of guys. Here You Come Again is also the title of the album and it is 15 songs of pure country gorgeousness. a must have in everyone’s collection.

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