Post Pines: Tuesday February 22

Keeping it brief tonight as I have some pretty great interviews that I need to write-up for the blog. Pretty soon you’ll get to read about Justin Townes Earle’s plans to retire and become a dirty old man, Joe Pug’s thoughts on William Shakespeare and Mariam Wallentin from Wildbirds & Peacedrums will share why she prefers playing vinyl over mp3s.

But while that trifecta of awesomeness awaits, let’s unpack some of the music played on this week’s show.

Iron & Wine

I’m still really enjoying the latest effort from Iron & Wine. This week we heard single number two from Kiss Each Other Clean, ‘Tree By The River’. A quick browse online tonight uncovered this gentle, more acoustic version of the album track. That beard, those nostalgic lyrics, that gentle mandolin! Dreamy…

Drive By Truckers

The best thing about having a radio gig in the late-ish evening is the opportunity it presents to play songs that aren’t as radio friendly as others. Like seven minute narratives about a former cops with former wives, former families and a whole lot of unhappiness to carry around. ‘Used To Be A Cop’ is one of the highlights from the new Drive By Truckers album Go-Go Boots. It could go for another seven minutes. I love it. I don’t why it only goes for 5.49 in this video.

Download it for free here.

Tobias Cummings/ Kanye West

It feels like I’ve been waiting for a decade for someone to turn Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’ into the pensive folk ballad it demands to be. At long last, Melbourne songwriter Tobias Cummings has done just that. It’s the B-side to his latest single ‘Busy Bees’. Pusha T’s ‘Never was much of a romantic/I could never take the intimacy/And I know I did damage/ ‘Cos the look in your eyes is killing me’ feels like it has belonged in a folk ballad forever. Gold stars.

This one’s a free download too. You can get it here.


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