Headed for Hangover Tavern

So much wine politely declined, so much hard-earned coin wasted on soda water, so many gigs seen without an amber-tinted looking glass… At the beginning of last month, I made a promise to myself that I would see February out in a sober fashion. I also made a promise to FBi listeners that I would share some of my Feb-Fast moments on the blog. And so here I am. But I have a slight problem. You see, the thing about taking a short-term break from the bottle, aside from being easy on the bank balance and tough on the good times, is that it is mind-blowingly boring. 28 days of utter yawn!

Every night of last month’s temporary sobriety can best be described as nice. Gigs were nice. Dinner with friends was nice. Getting up on the weekend without a hangover was especially nice. But it was dull. Achingly dull. It took five short days into my detox for me to realise that any feelings of smugness I may have been anticipating about giving my liver a rest and waking up all sparkly-eyed everyday would be trumped by a nostalgia for nights I only half recall on account of the number of standard drinks consumed. For the first (and hopefully last) time, I found myself identifying with Charlie ‘sobriety is boring’ Sheen. A terrifying thought.

Anyhow, it’s March now, which means I can drink again. Woot-woot! Can’t wait to spin some Hank Thompson on a jukebox near you this weekend.

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