Just Another Torrential Tuesday…

Actually, today was quite the perfect Sydney autumn special after yesterday’s overwhelming downpour. I sure hope you kept your thirst quenched and your feet dry in the manic Monday rain. Me? Well I’m still recovering from this cursed cold that’s been keeping me down. Contrary to popular belief, epic use of whiskey only works wonders when you’re intoxicated. And to think it was only a month ago I was blogging about my February detox!

If you caught tonight’s In The Pines, hopefully you heard the first half of the program, which featured the lovely sounds of San Diego crooner Gregory Page. He is in Sydney after playing the super drenched but wonderful Blue Mountains Folk Festival on the weekend. I will endeavour to get the interview up online as a stream shortly but for now I can tell you that we discussed Al Bowlly, songwriting in Hyde Park and retro microphones.

You can catch Gregory Page at the soon to be closed Raval this Wednesday March 23 and at the Shire’s finest music venue, The Brass Monkey on Thursday.

Also featured on tonight’s show was another of the highlights from the Blue Mountains Folk Festival, Frank Yamma. Frank’s debut album is called Country Man and has just been released by Wantok Musik. His voice is golden. Soak it up.

And we heard from Middle Brother (that’s two weeks in a row, this could get dangerous) and revisited one of this year’s more experimental folk albums, Destroyer’s Kaputt. Good times.


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