PINING FOR A HOLIDAY… But first I’ve got to stop by FBi & make some folky radio

Boy-oh-boy am I exhausted tonight. Perhaps it was the sterling drinking effort I put in over the weekend. Perhaps it’s the change back to normal time after a blissful couple of light-filled summer months of Daylight Saving (come back! I wasn’t done with you yet!) Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Most probably, it’s because I’ve got a holiday scheduled to start on Friday and I’m still working and living and breathing and present even though my spirit feels like it must have boarded a plane weeks ago.

Still, we made it through the show tonight without too many glitches, aided of course by the fact that much of the program was dedicated to the new album from Seattle-based Appalachian folk revivalists, Fleet Foxes. I played a pre-release copy of Helplessness Blues from beginning to end courtesy of the good folk at Inertia. It is a damn fine effort, although I have to say that to my mind it feels like more of a ‘grower’ for me than their self-titled debut. I’m not in love yet and I haven’t decided if it is a case of sophomore blues or if the record will woo me over the next few weeks. Will have to keep you posted…

One album that I am head-over-heels for however is KORT’s Invariable Heartache. Some might argue that this is further evidence that I’ve gone too far country and I am spoiled for all other genres. Although in my defence I’d like to think my enduring love for James Murphy and little tears of sadness over the last ever LCD Soundsystem gigs just a few days ago throws a spanner in my somewhat twang dominated tastes! Anyhow, Invariable Heartache sees Nashville-based songwriter Cortney Tidwell revive some of the fine (if a little dusty) old songs released on her grandfather’s record label Chart Records many decades ago. Together with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, Tidwell delivers a moving homage to her heritage and to Nashville’s golden era.

Here’s a little explanation of the album and the idea behind it:

And here is the vid for Kort’s first single, ‘Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries’ (cc: Conway Twitty; Loretta Lynn)

And that’s about all I can muster for the moment. It is way late and I have a to-do list the size of Texas to get through before I depart for Canada at the end of this week. The trip is part play, part work, all of which I will inform you about in due course. In the meantime, here’s the song that’s been getting me through: Steve Miller Band’s version of Jet Airliner. Consider yourself lucky I’ve pretty much been banned from playing SMB on the radio. My love for classic rock knows no bounds.

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