I Dreamed I Saw Anne of Green Gables last night

I am writing this from Prince Edward Island in Canada. Home of amazing seafood, a tonne of musicians and the world’s most famous redhead, Anne of Green Gables. I am at a music conference called the East Coast Music Awards. I have been watching dozens of bands, meeting dozens of people and doing my cultural duty as an Australian representative by drinking to excess everywhere I go. Charming! For the most part, I am trying to blog about the ECMAs here, so y’all can check out my travel narratives over on the other site. But since I am collaborating on that project and my travelling party need not be tainted by all my tales of musical discovery and misbehaviour, I might as well still do some writing on the In The Pines site.

And so here I am.

And here is a picture of me with Anne of Green Gables.
Stoked! Seriously, I lost my shit so much when I saw little Anne that I didn’t even realise she was carrying a basket full of chocolate coated potato crisps! I really dropped to ball there too because when I sampled those tiny mouthfuls of hardened arteries I think I went to heaven. Anyhow, I’m not here for Anne or here for the food, or even here for booze. I am here to research and put together two special versions of In The Pines that will focus specifically on Canadian music. So far I have seen some great bands and I look forward to sharing them with y’all on FBi 94.5 very soon. In the meantime, rest assured that I am having a splendid time and could totally adjust to living in a hotel.

My favourite things about it are:

*the endless supply of clean towels
*getting into a freshly made bed every night
*never having to wash towels or make aforementioned bed

My least favourite things about it are:

*non-ironic wood panelled walls
*when the bar closes at three a.m. and there’s no beer left in you room

Tough life, huh?


*when the staff cleaning your room make all your scattered bathroom products look super neat and tidy and not at all like the chaotic mess you left behind some hours earlier



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One response to “I Dreamed I Saw Anne of Green Gables last night

  1. Adam

    Just wanted to point out that one problem you identified with hotels, namely:

    “*when the bar closes at three a.m. and there’s no beer left in you room ”

    … is not a problem restricted to hotels. It is universal.

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