Beat the Drum: Americana adventures at triple j

Last week I had a great surprise. No, I didn’t win Lotto or wake up with the sudden ability to tap-dance. Fingers crossed those surprises are still to come. But I was asked to guest program an alt-country special for triple j’s Roots N All program. Going to air every Thursday night from 10pm, Roots N All is a three-hour specialist program that is broadcast nationally. It was a huge honour to be asked to host the show and putting it all together was a blast, so big love to the wonderful folk at triple j who made it happen and also to all the listeners who tuned in on the night.

If you missed the show, you can stream it here up until this Thursday July 28.

Additionally, you can also check out the playlist on triple j’s website.

Some highlights from the show included brand new music from Wilco, Dawes, Vetiver, Those Darlins and Tiny Ruins. I also played some old favourites like Ryan Adams and Silver Jews, country covers legends The Pigs reworking Beyonce and two songs with ‘Motherfucker’ in the title. Good times.


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2 responses to “Beat the Drum: Americana adventures at triple j

  1. Really random reading this now as on that night took a really quick drive and was listening to TripleJ but hearing your voice and was really confused…but the drive was short and not till not did I figure out what was going on…
    Loving the organs and dist bass in the new Wilco tune. Need more dist bass in folk music, not that his song is particularly folk. Have you heard Copelands ‘In Motion’ record? Some really beautiful uses of dist bass there…love it

  2. so this is the fourth time ive tried to post. i eep screwing it up. I thought the second time was a winner, that was about a week ago, only just discovered it was not here.
    just was saying that i coulnt understand why i was hearing your voice but listening to Triple J…spun me out
    now i understand..clearly didnt hear the announcement

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