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From the Vault Friday: Lessons in Life & Love from the First Lady

It took me a long time to ‘get’ Tammy Wynette. I have loved Dolly and Linda and Emmylou for what seems like forever. But it’s only in the last six months that I’ve taken a shine to country music’s First Lady.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I think the path to Tammy had a fuck-off block in the middle of it called ‘Stand By Your Man’. But I’ve done a bit of reading on Tammy of late and found that despite singing a song that pretty much says “put up with his crap, he’s got a dick, he can’t help it”, Tammy got married five times. So technically, she didn’t really Stand By Her Man, she jumped into bed with another one as soon as things turned to shit. Hello, sister!

Here are some other great facts about Tammy that make me think she might actually end up being my favourite country personality of all time.

***When her first husband left her, instead of moping around with her three kids, she packed up her stuff (and by stuff, I mean kids) and moved to Nashville to make a living from music.
***Her favourite country singer was George Jones. When Tammy met George, she did what any true fan would do: married him.
***When she had George’s baby, they named her ‘Tamala Georgette’.
***After splitting with George, she was romantically linked to Burt Reynolds!
***She didn’t just sing country music, she was country music, saying: “I believe you have to live the songs”.

All of the above gives me good reason to looking forward to a long and happy love affair with Tammy. Enjoy the video and the weekend, party people!

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