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Casting the Demons Down Under: Jonneine Zapata

This Friday, 2010’s most sultry voice – Jonneine Zapata – will stop by Sydney’s Annandale Hotel. She will sing with what has become a trademark in her native LA: a smokey sexuality, intensity of spirit, a drama too dramatic to be called mere theatrics. If we’re lucky, she might play with her belly button too:

Now, I’m not too keen on making comparisons to contemporary singers or artists of yesteryear when trying to explain a “sound”. Listening to music is not molecular biotechnology and I’m sure if you watch/watched the video there are any number of musicians who might spring to mind. What I do like, however, is trying to find out some of the inspirations behind a “sound”. So I asked Jonneine about some questions about it.


“I like Bette Davis, Tina Turner and Amelia Earhart.”

Ultimate support gig?

“I think I’d love to play with Nick Cave. I mean he’s a big favourite but I don’t think I stand alone on that. I never really think about it terms of about who I’d like to play with because most of the people who I admire artistically are not touring much or are retired or dead… Nick Cave, The Dirty Three, I think that would be a nice start.”

As well as songs, you write spoken word poetry. How does that kind of writing play out in your music?

“I think it’s had a lot of impact on it. And more so everyday as I continue to do it. It’s kind of like Tourette’s. You spew out a few things on paper and then it lands like dominoes and then you start seeing some architecture there and then you start putting pieces together. It means you have to really not limit yourself to writing when you only think it’s going to be good. You never know.”

Jonneine’s album Cast the Demons Out is available now on Laughing Outlaw Records.

Tickets for the show are available here.

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