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From the Vault Friday

In anticipation of her first ever Australian tour, I’d like to share this vintage video of the sublime Nanci Griffith. The sweet-as-apple-pie Texan has been making records since 1978 but has never managed to make it Down Under…until now.

Like Bruce Springsteen, Griffith makes music that seems to hit at the heart of the American experience. Her songs tells stories of nostalgic longing, love lost and gained and lost again. When I’m imagining the childhood in America I never had, I think of Nanci Griffith and her bittersweet stories of growing up in Texas.

The song on the youtube video above is actually called ‘Love At The Five And Dime’ but I couldn’t find an accurately titled version of this online with the same adorable story at the beginning. Enjoy it anyhow!

Nanci Griffith will play The National in Melbourne on March 10, and the Metro Theatre in Sydney on March 15.

And… I’ve put in a request to interview her on In The Pines, so fingers crossed.

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