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Bustin’ Outta Nashville

What can I say, I’m easily distracted. It’s been some months since I gave the blog the love it aches for. We took a holiday from each other. In the downtime, I managed to visit New York, start a new job and indulge in more pints than a pint-sized lady should be able to. But it’s time for a return to writing. My restless feet, twitching fingers and aching liver say so. In the next few weeks I will share my thoughts on seeing Willie Nelson play at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom, rant about some new records and post interviews with James Murphy, The Yearlings and Ruth Moody. So that’s all in works. But in the meantime… can I direct you to something I’m going to shamelessly rip-off in the near future?

American music critic Nathan Rabin writes a wonderful blog for the website avclub.com. It’s called Nashville Or Bust and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s definitely worth a squizz. Basically, Rabin is a hip-hop writer who had grown tired of writing about hip-hop and decided to go on a rather epic exploration of country music. For just over a year Rabin has written tender, sad and amusing musings on country artists past and present (mostly past) in a way that has totally reinvigorated the way I think about music writing. He’s up to Week 42 in a series of 52 entries so there’s plenty of previous posts to trawl through, but I thought I’d point In The Pines listeners/readers to some of the gems I’ve enjoyed the most before I embark on my rip-off project.***

Check it out:

Townes Van Zandt

Waylon Jennings

Gary Stewart

***Okay, so it’s not a full-blown rip-off and you’ll see why soon but credit where credit’s due, eh?

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