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Beat the Drum: Americana adventures at triple j

Last week I had a great surprise. No, I didn’t win Lotto or wake up with the sudden ability to tap-dance. Fingers crossed those surprises are still to come. But I was asked to guest program an alt-country special for triple j’s Roots N All program. Going to air every Thursday night from 10pm, Roots N All is a three-hour specialist program that is broadcast nationally. It was a huge honour to be asked to host the show and putting it all together was a blast, so big love to the wonderful folk at triple j who made it happen and also to all the listeners who tuned in on the night.

If you missed the show, you can stream it here up until this Thursday July 28.

Additionally, you can also check out the playlist on triple j’s website.

Some highlights from the show included brand new music from Wilco, Dawes, Vetiver, Those Darlins and Tiny Ruins. I also played some old favourites like Ryan Adams and Silver Jews, country covers legends The Pigs reworking Beyonce and two songs with ‘Motherfucker’ in the title. Good times.


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“I Got Drunk & I Ate A Chicken…”

On a winning Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, with no date scheduled and no dog to give all my undivided love and attention to, I decided to indulge in two of my favourite past-times: getting drunk and eating chicken. It was a whole barbecued chicken, with succulent herb stuffing and crispy charcoal on the wings. It was a whole bottle of gin, of the Bombay Sapphire variety, served with generous amounts of tonic in a tall and seemingly bottomless glass.
Depressingly, and I’m probably propelling myself towards a lifetime on the shelf by admitting this, it’s the only memorable February 14 I’ve ever had… Oh, romance! But I do love gin. And I really love chicken.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I also love Tennessee’s Those Darlins and especially this song:

Why am I telling you this? Those Darlins stopped by Sydney earlier this month and blew my tiny mind. With three girls out front and a boy on the drums for good measure, the band are the perfect combination of garage rock, trailer park harmonies and finger lickin’ good times. I meant to blog about it at the time but their Sydney shows coincided not only with a hectic schedule of festive boozing but also with my birthday. So basically what I’m saying, is that from mid-December until now I’ve been too intoxicated to blog about how good they were and how you were a damn fool if you missed the gig. I have sobered up now, sigh, and am happy to let you know that the band have plans to release their sophomore album in 2011. Woo-hoo! As a preview to the record, they have released a 7 inch of their newest song, ‘Nightjogger’. Feel like buying a belated Christmas gift? You can pick it up

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