In The Pines is a folk/americana/ baroque pop specialty show on the Sydney based radio station FBi 94.5.

Every Tuesday night from 9pm, Emma Swift* shares the best new music across these genres for you to listen to, love, share with your friends and dance… unashamedly… if a little awkwardly to.

If Bill Callahan makes you swoon, Ryan Adams is your soul-brother and Neko Case is the flame haired sweetheart who broke your teenage heart and you’ve never gotten over it, then In The Pines is your kind of show.

*Emma Swift – Sydneysider, DJ, journalist, americana singer, good-time gal. Owner of three pairs of cowboy boots, two pretty guitars and one electric blue suede tassel vest.

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  1. Hey Emma

    Thanks for your support of Laura! And great interview last week.

    As you would already know, Laura’s taken up residency at the Excelsior in Surry Hills every Wednesday night this month. I wanted to check to see if you were interested in reviewing her ‘ROCK BAND’ performance next Wed, Aug 18 for In The Pines? Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll make sure you’re on the door for the event.


    0451 177 362

    • Hi Michelle,

      I am busy this week unfortunately but I did catch the country show at the Excelsior last week and it was awesome! My favourite was Laura’s version of ‘Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray’. I love Patsy Cline and Laura’s version was excellent. Thanks for inviting me to review the gig, I will try to make it to the karaoke send off on the last Wedneday of the month.



  2. Matt

    Hi Emma,
    Love love love the show… any plans to podcast as I’d love to listen again, or be able to catch a show when I miss it?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for such lovely feedback! At the moment there is no podcast for the show, but I am investigating the possibility of getting the whole show available for download from soundcloud. I will look into it and let you know. Thanks for listening to FBi radio and for caring about quality tunes. Emma x

  3. You write really well and have great taste in music.
    Thanks for reading my Jonneine Zapata interview.

  4. Hi Emma,

    I was hoping you might be able to play a few tracks from my debut CD, SINATRA, or at least have a listen. Somewhere between Laura Veirs and the Middle East, it’s released this Friday, the 13th. Can I send you a copy in the post? You can preview a couple of tracks at http://www.seldomparty.bandcamp.com


  5. ned

    Hey i really liked a song you played i think it was In Spite Of Ourselves Kirsty Akers & Bob Evans

  6. Hey Emma … love the show – I’ve been a long term listener and credit the show with my ‘finding’ Bill Callahan – I have about four of his CDs now and I’m hooked.

    On a different note, I am a long term Aust indie fan from the 80s and 90s (saw your tweet today about the GBs 16 Lovers Lane and responded). One of my other favourites is The Triffids.

    Which brings me to my point … have you ever made the connection with The Triffids second LP with the same title of your show … “In the Pines”. There are a couple of songs off the album that might even fit within the theme of folk/folktronica … not Americana though.

    Anyway, this is just a funny connection I’ve been thinking about for a while.


  7. Hi Guys, a friend mentioned they heard one of my songs played on your program recently! Thanks so much!
    I am also a bit obsessed with Bill Callahan and noticed you play his music regularly…Brilliant!!!
    Thanks heaps for the support!

  8. Hey Emma!
    Love the show, hang out for it every Tuesday when I can listent to some sweet tunes while working late. You know what would be great though? If I could get a podcast sometime so I can listen to the show all day long at work!! Would also give the man and I something to listen to when we’re driving out of range of fbi’s broadcast range. do it. please?


  9. Enjoy yr blog. Sounds like youre in a lot of airports. Why don’t they have more live music in airports? People are always stuck in them for 2-3 hours with nothing to do but watch sports, and if you ain’t into sports, then it’s a big FU. (Sorry, I used to write a whiney zine pre-internet days) I think you’d like our music, my overseas friend. I see you like Ryan, & he played on our last record with us (know him from the fleamarket where I sell books). We’re working on a new record with producer Roscoe Ambel. Should be ready to meet the world some time before Jesus’s birthday. Here’s where you can find a couple roughs:
    http://www.myspace.com/maynardandthemusties (first track is the rough)

    Joe Maynard
    (I didn’t see an email to the editor, sorry about posting this here)

  10. Alex

    Hi Emma my name is Alex Carey and I am the Promoter of the Gaelic Club Upstairs venue in Surry Hills I am starting up this new brand called Upstairs & Undergound this is some info:
    Upstairs & Underground is Sydney’s answer to the exposure,
    promotion, and network for independent musicians and bands.
    Upstairs and Underground aims to expose the way new underground/alternative, Indi music is being
    written and performed. We invite bands from all over to come together once every 2 weeks on a Friday to
    show Sydneysiders what they’ve got, and have a great night!
    These nights are not focused around any particular genre on a night, sometimes, you could be listening to
    folk, rock, pop, dub step, rap- WHATEVER!!!
    The only thing you’ll have to know is that every time you come, it’ll be a great night.
    I was wondering if I could get you’re opinion on the concept and wanted to know if you’d be able to support this through ‘In the Pines’
    Thank you for you’re time!!

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